International Turism Consulting


  • Directed Istanbul Governor’s Office web project: Istanbul Digital Platform which is a state established and owned Destination Travel Portal of Istanbul. (
  • Established the only and the first state owned Istanbul travel portal.
  • Bringing together more than 70 stakeholders; content partners of both state and private sector.
  • Established firm business relations with and generated unique web widgets of industry partners such as Turkish Airlines, Atlasjet Airlines, Biletix, Expedia and TripAdvisor.


  • The Bosnia & Herzegovina Fostering Interventions for Rapid Market Advancement (FIRMA) Project is a 5-year $20 million activity co-financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).
  • FIRMA supports the ‘FIRMA Consortium’, an implementation partnership between the FIRMA Project and a network of local economic development agencies that support private sector development across the entire country. With and through the Consortium, FIRMA develops action plans for assistance to the FIRMA focus sectors and manages activities conducted through local organizations and businesses that address key obstacles to competitiveness.
  • Travel e22, has been engaged as international tourism consultant company to assist the FIRMA team and the BiH tourism industry in establishing and building interpretation of cultural relations between BiH & Turkey; business relations between Turkish tour operators and travel agencies and BH agencies and launch negotiations for establishment of regular tour programs from Turkey to BiH.
  • Action plans breakdown :Design and coordinate organization of mixed Turkish media and tour operator visit to BiH
    1. Familiarization trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Scope out BiH offer
    2. Develop market Entry Framework for Turkey that will include
      •     - Review existing BiH offer and familiarize with programs and potentials available;
      •     - Research existing Turkish tour operators and travel agencies that offer BiH or programs that correspond to BiH offer;
      •     - Identify interest for BiH tourism product, aside from those already sold, among operators in Turkish market;
      •     - Propose most effective promotion and marketing in Turkish market, including communication and other channels and methods
  • Facilitate participation of selected BiH agencies/operators at at least one in country event in Turkey.


Government Tourism Master Plan Project worth over $100 Billion USD
  • Travel e22 developed Tourism Master Plan in conjunction with multi-national teams located across Germany, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, and Russia, to identify tourism possibilities.
  • Authored business strategy and management developments plans as well as urban planning scaled maps leveraging various tourism resources, nurturing projected achievement of sustainable tourism operations region-wide.
  • Interfaced with several professors with specialization in Urban Planning across various Universities, gaining insight into regional features.


Regional Government Tourism Master Plan Project
  • Turkey Market entry efforts carried out with survey researches and organizing seminars.
  • Travel e22 has been commissioned by Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism and Culture to carry out an international market study for the tourist destination Bulgaria. Among others, study includes interviews with tour operators offering the destination Bulgaria and journalists having knowledge of Bulgaria. Travel e22 carried out detailed tasks of conducting interviews for Bulgaria on behalf of the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism and Culture and interpreted results on cultural and tourism aspects.


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