Promoting Conferences

Travel e22 promotes foreign International Congresses & Events that happen outside Turkey, in Turkey:

We reach numerous specialists, experts, corporates, high-rank government officials and professors and academicians of all universities in Turkey.

For your Congresses and Events taking place in your origin country:

  • we translate your brochures to Turkish as needed, we prepare additional Turkish language small hand-outs, brochures to be distributed together with the original brochure. It crates a double effect.
  • we distribute your brochures to thousands of potential participants for your target groups by direct-mailing; and analyze the results (usually 95% of our direct mails reach to targeted persons)
  • we distribute and make sure your posters are hanged at target group institutions; eg: hospitals, universities, etc. for major cities as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, etc. we make personal visits and make sure the poster is hanged at right boards to be seen by many
  • we organize and manage public ad campaigns; outside public ads and banners all over Turkey
  • we contact with all major corporations and companies; local and international brands, and invite their CEOs, CFOs, etc. by face-to-face interviews - we organize press conferences in order to announce your Congress & Event through journalists, column writers at major newspapers and journals in Turkey
  • we organize email,social media and online campaigns to target groups and analyze the results - we organize Turkish participants' travel packages at moderate costs and take them directly to your Congress and Event

Finally, your result would be, (depending on the promotion activities you prefer to do)

  • increased public and target group awareness to your congress and event in Turkey; which would result in more and more participants from Turkey through upcoming years.Therefore, it is not a one-time shot, all our promotional activities have longer lasting added value
  • depending on your preferred promotional activity, 2-3 times or 5-6 times or sometimes 10 times or more number of participants from Turkey to your Congress and Event